Dopson  Doula  Service

Birth Doula   ​Serving Winchester,Va and surrounding areas 

What to expect if you choose to use this service.....​

* 2 prenatal visits where we will work on creating your birth plan together 

* 24 phone access

* I will stay with you through your entire labor and 1 hour after delivery

* 1 post partum visit where you will be supplied with your pictures and birth record 

​* 24/7 phone access 2 weeks post delivery 

*Payment plans are available and all fees are based on a sliding scale. Contact me for more information!

As a Doula, I .....

understand the physiology of birth and the emotional needs of a woman in labor

* assist you and your partner in preparing for and carrying out your birth plans

* stay with you throughout your labor and delivery

* provide you with emotional support, physical comfort measures, as well as information to make sure you are making informed decisions. 

​* Facilitate communication between you, your parter, and medical caregivers

* Help support your partner at their own comfort level